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Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

Every child’s dream party!

A birthday party that is exciting and different

A fantastic opportunity for your child and their friends to experience the thrill of riding a motor bike under a safe and protective environment.
Have a child’s birthday party that provides excitement and fun while also helping them to acquire riding skills and gain self-confidence.

They will learn the techniques of  basic motorcycle riding and control:

  • posture
  • braking
  • accelerating
  • balance
  • cornering

The only requirement is that you can ride a push bike unaided

All your gear is supplied:

  • helmets
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • body armour

All you need is:

  • Long pants that covers your ankles
  • Long socks to cover your ankles.
  • Suitable footwear


 Kids Party


 Very popular — so book now.

Contact us for more details and the perfect party package for your children

All your protective gear and accessories are available and in store now!!

We look forward to getting you on the road safely and confidently.