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Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle Lessons Has Never Been so Much FUN!

Our motorbike lessons are perfect for adults who have never stepped on a motorcycle before, to backyard bashers with more experience.

  • All gear and bikes are supplied or you can bring your own.
  • Bikes range from KLX110, TTR125, KLX125, TTR230
  • Available one on one or group lessons

Only requirement is that you can ride a push bike.

What you will learn:

  • Maintenance
    • Learn how to take care of your motorbike, so it’s always ready when you are.
  • Control
    • We’ll help you boost your confidence so you have complete control of your bike.
  • Protective clothing
    • Not sure on the best clothing for dirt bike riding? We’ll show you the most suitable clothing to wear.
  • Slow stop / start
    • Being able to come to a slow stop and start is key to maintaining control.
  • Posture
    • Nothing will ruin your perfect ride more, than finishing up with a sore back, arms and legs. We’ll show you the right posture to have so you’re confortable.
  • Weight transfer
    • Good cornering and control requires understanding the importance of weight control.
  • Eye line/vision
    • We’ll help you identify where you should be looking and what to take notice of.
  • Throttle control
    • Get to know your bike’s capabilities with good throttle control.
  • Braking front / rear / both
    • We’ll show you when to use your front and back brakes.
  • Cornering
    • All about the art of cornering and navigating turns.
  • Rear / front wheel slides
    • Control your slides for fun and defensive driving.
  • Jumps / obstacles
    • This is all about fun. Get ready to fly!

One-on-one motorcycle training is required before enrolling for motorcycle group lessons if you’ve never ridden before.

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We look forward to getting you on the road safely and confidently.