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Q Ride R Licence Course

Are you eligible?

The R motorcycle licence is a mandatory 3.5 hour Q Ride competency based training and assessment course. Students must complete the R licence course to upgrade from a restricted Motorcycle (RE) to an unrestricted Motorcycle (R) licence.

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Held RE Licence for 2 years

To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your Restricted (RE O) licence for 2 years, unless you obtained your RE O licence prior to October 1st 2016, in which case you are required to have held it for 1 year
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Looking to upgrade

If you currently have your restricted motorbike licence (RE O) and are wanting to upgrade to your open motorbike licence (R), this course is for you
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Experienced Rider

This course is suitable for riders who have significant on-road riding experience and can confidently ride a bike

What is the R class course?

A competency based training and assessment course designed to further develop the riding skills, riding knowledge and risk management skills required. Cycle Right’s fully accredited trainers will develop and correct any necessary riding techniques throughout the course.

Road Ride

You will complete a 2.5 hour road ride where you will demonstrate the skills required to be confident in all aspects of managing general and more complex riding situations on a more powerful motorcycle. Reinforcing appropriate riding skills and minimising the likelihood of harm due to inappropriate riding skills, behaviours or management of risk.

Q ride structure consist of:

  • Controlled braking
  • Steering and obstacle avoidance
  • Riding curves
  • Slow Riding – (at walking speed)
  • Roadcraft tactics
R-Class Students
R-Class Students

Course Details

You will need to bring

  • Queensland Driver Licence
  • Long jeans/pants suitable for riding a motorcycle
  • Enclosed footwear
  • Long socks to cover ankles
  • Great attitude

Duration of the course

The Q Ride R licence course runs for 3.5 hours. You are required to complete the course over:

  • 1 Day (3.5 hours)

We will supply

  • Use of a motorcycle
  • Insurance
  • Protective riding gear


R Course is $240

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Protective Gear Packages

Men and womens helmet, jacket and gloves combinations starting from $399

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