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Perfect For New Riders

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From 5 Years Old

Motorcycle training available from just 5 years old
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New Riders

The perfect option for people who have never ridden a motorcycle before.
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Individual & Group Training

One on one training or group lessons are available
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Hire Gear Available

All gear and bikes are available for hire or you can bring your own.
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No Experience Required

Only requirement is that you can ride a push bike
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Wide Range Of Motorbikes

Bikes available range from a JR50 & Peewee 80 through to a WR250

What you will learn

  • Control
  • Protective clothing
  • Slow stop / start
  • Braking front/rear/both
  • Eye line/vision
  • Throttle control
  • Cornering
  • Rear / front wheel slides
  • Maintenance
  • Posture
  • Weight transfer
  • Jumps / obstacles

What you need to supply

  • Long pants
  • Long socks
  • Enclosed shoes
Learn To Ride Instructor & Student

Protective Gear Packages

Men, womens and kids packages

Helmet, jersey, pants, boots and gloves combinations

Armour and goggles

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