Motorcycle Lessons

Motorcycle Lessons Has Never Been so Much FUN!

Our motorbike lessons are perfect for adults who have never stepped on a motorcycle before, to backyard bashers with more experience. Only requirement is that you can ride a push bike.

One-on-one motorcycle training is required before enrolling for motorcycle group lessons if you’ve never ridden before.

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Gear & Bike Supplied

All gear and bikes are supplied or you can bring your own.
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Range Of Bikes

Available bikes range from KLX110, TTR125, KLX125, TTR230
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Individual & Group Training

One on one training or group lessons are available

Come and get your road licence then you are legally allowed to ride in the state forests (not national parks) if you are licenced and your motorcycle registered.

What you will learn



Learn how to take care of your motorbike, so it’s always ready when you are.


Nothing will ruin your perfect ride more, than finishing up with a sore back, arms and legs. We’ll show you the right posture to have so you’re confortable.


All about the art of cornering and navigating turns.


We’ll help you boost your confidence so you have complete control of your bike.

Weight transfer

Good cornering and control requires understanding the importance of weight control.

Rear / front wheel slides

Control your slides for fun and defensive driving.

Protective clothing

Not sure on the best clothing for dirt bike riding? We’ll show you the most suitable clothing to wear.

Throttle control

Get to know your bike’s capabilities with good throttle control.

Jumps / obstacles

This is all about fun. Get ready to fly!

Slow stop / start

Being able to come to a slow stop and start is key to maintaining control.

Braking front / rear / both

We’ll show you when to use your front and back brakes.

Eye line / vision

We’ll help you identify where you should be looking and what to take notice of.

Protective Gear Packages

Men, womens and kids packages

Helmet, jersey, pants, boots and gloves combinations

Armour and goggles

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Ready To Get Started?

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